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Directors of Coaching for the Club

The Sporting Columbia is separated into three programs with each program having a Director Coaching.  Please find more information below about our Directors of Coaching.

Director of Recreational Coaching

The Director of Recreational Coaching is currently vacant.  Responsibilities for this position are currently being managed by the Club Vice-President of Recreational Coaching and the Club President.  Please visit the Board page for contact information.

Director of Academy Coaching Boys

 Robbie Murray | RMurray (@) sportingcolumbia.net


Director of Academy Coaching Girls

 Katie Ely | KEly (@) sportingcolumbia.net


Director of Competitive Coaching | Pride

Kevin Roderique  |  KRoderique (@) sportingcolumbia.net

Kevin Roderique played college soccer at Lindenwood University.  Kevin has coached soccer at the college level for Lindenwood and Columbia College.  He has been the Director of Competitive Coaching for the Club for the past several years.

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