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College Coaches Panel

2015 College Coaches Panel

Join us for the 8th Annual College Coaches Panel. We have assembled a group of some the best college coaches in the state of Missouri, as well as in the country, to provide our parents and players with information regarding the college recruiting process. There will be a coach representing every playing level of college, that your son or daughter might be interested in.

During this presentation there will several topics discussed such as:
1. Recruiting restriction at each level
2. What each coach tends to look for in a prospective player.
3. What are the best ways to be seen by these coaches (ex. tapes, camps, etc.)
4. What academic qualifications are needed to be considered for their respective levels, as well as their respective schools.

There will also be a question and answer section at the end of the presentation.

This service is being provided for those in the Sporting Columbia with sons or daughters that are interested in playing soccer while attending college. The Sporting Columbia is committed to developing its player to be prepared to play at the next level. We also feel that it is very important that we provide our players and parents with every opportunity to explore those possibilities. We encourage both the players and parents to attend the event, and this event is geared towards all players at the ages of 13 years and older. We also encourage everyone to attend even if you have already attended this event before, as for there will be new coaches attending, and each one of you are one more year into the recruiting process, and may have new and or more questions.

March 6, 2015 at Smithton Middle School - 3600 West Worley, 7:00PM

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