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College Scholarships

SCSC Players and College/University Attended


2013 Graduates
Haleigh Fancher (Texas Tech University, Div I)
Bailey Reed (University of Wisconcin-Parkside, Div II)
Morgan Henry (Univeristy of Missouri S&T, Div II)
Madison Boyken (Central Missouri University, Div II)
Laurie Frew (Central Missouri University, Div II)
Keagan Riddick (Emporia State University, Div II)
Tiffany Weaver (Columbia College, NAIA)
Jordan Poire (Columbia College, NAIA)
Meghan Nappier (Columbia College, NAIA)
Morgan Bogue (Columbia College, NAIA)

2012 Graduates 
Haley Gatts (Avilia College, NAIA)
Jac Greer (Central Methodist University, NAIA)
Brittany Griffin (William Woods University, NAIA)

2011 Graduates
Madison Nichols (Columbia College, NAIA)
Kaitlin Brauner (Columbia College, NAIA)
Kelli Westhues (Columbia College, NAIA)
Kelsey Vaught (Drury University, Div II)

2010 Graduates
Chelsey Muths (Maplewoods Community College, NJCAA)
Grace Priest (Sewanee University, Div III)
Kaitlin Tschiggfrie (Harding University, NCAA Div II)
Kali Webb (Johnson County Community College, NJCAA)
Lindie Adair (Central Methodists University, NAIA)
Mary Bowman (Colorado College, NCAA Div I)
Sarah Bowman (Augustan University, NCAA Div III)
Sydney Armstrong (Hutchinson Community College, NJCAA)
Tiffany Wehmeyer (Wright State University, NCAA Div I)
Amanda Caldwell (Wright State University, NCAA Div I)

2009 Graduates
Jill Szumigala (Central Methodist University, NAIA)
Kara Steiner (Drury University, NCAA Div II)
Katherine Crane (Lindenwood University, NCAA Div II)
Natalie Bill (Illinois Wesleyan University, NCAA Div III)
Beau Reiske (Westminster University, NCAA Div III)
Katie Seyer (Westminster University, NCAA Div III)


2013 Graduates

2012 Graduates
Andrew Bare (Central Methodist University, NAIA)
Joe Perkins (Central Methodist University, NAIA)
Jake Pierce (Hendrix College, Div III)
Darren Jones (Central Methodist University, NAIA)
Will Gabbert (Concordia University, Nebraska, NAIA)
Kory McDonald (Columbia College, NAIA)
Price Meentemeyer (Hannibal LeGrange College, NAIA)

2011 Graduates
Nick Anglen (Lewis And Clark Community College NJCAA)
Conor Hollorah (Westminster University, NCAA Div III)
Colin Janicek (Iowa Western Community College, NJCAA)
Danny Baird (Columbia College, NAIA)
Brady Wulff (Columbia College, NAIA)

2010 Graduates
Bryan Kirkweg (William Woods University, NAIA)
Chad Haymart (University of Missouri at St. Louis, NCAA Div II)
Robbie Baird (University of Missouri at St. Louis, NCAA Div II)
Garrette Daugherty (University of Missouri at St. Louis, NCAA Div II)
Conor Dermondy (Dominican University, NCAA Div III)
George Brand (St. Olaf College, NCAA Div III)
Joshua Litofsky (Beloit University, NCAA Div III)
Kirt Harris (Central Methodist University, NAIA)
Matthew Baker (Drury University, NCAA Div II)
Noah Vogt (Central Methodist University, NAIA)

2008 Graduates     
Tyler Knierim (Truman Sate, NCAA Div II)

2007 Graduates
Adam Reed (William Woods University, NAIA)
Jordan Cox (Columbia College, NAIA)
Tanner Mills (Columbia College, NAIA)
Tyree Robinson (Southern Indiana University, Div II)

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