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Academy Training Program

The Sporting Columbia Academy training program offers the opportunity for players to receive advanced training and development utilizing consistent and proven techniques without the commitmnet to a competitive team.  Our program is currently offered to all 2007 - 2012  boys and girls in the area.


Academy Training

Academy training program is designed to develop essential soccer skills and a love for the game of soccer.  The goal is to prepare players for the next level of play.  This program follows a training curriculum specifically designed to improve individual soccer skills.

Boys and Girls sessions will be held on the same days and times however gender specific divisions will be made with appropriate trainers. Perfect for siblings looking for that extra training!

When are Sessions?

Sessions will be held on Monday evenings, 5:30 - 6:45PM. See Registration page for specific dates.

Where are Sessions?

Sessions are held at Sporting Columbia's Pride Park located at 5023 Roger Wilson Memorial Dr.  Fields may vary depending on schedules.


Additional Questions?

If you have more questions about the Academy training program please contact Kevin Roderique, KRoderique (@) sportingcolumbia.net

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