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Our mission of building soccer requires us to ask our parents to contribute between 20-30 hours of work to the club each year. Most hours are spent running Saturday night BINGO at the Cosmopolitan Club. Other hours are spent sorting uniforms, general up keep on Pride Park, & other team duties. We also ask that each family contribute 1 ½ hours at each of our tournaments, one in the fall and one in the spring. All of this time helps us build a successful tournament and a stronger soccer community.

BINGO is a good source of income for the Sporting Columbia. The proceeds from bingo pay for our facility costs, as well as contributing to many other operating costs. Instead of having to sell multiple fundraising products throughout the year you only have to work a maximum of 24 hours or 4 BINGO slots per year (Aug 1 to July 31). At this time BINGO is our only Club fundraiser. Volunteer hours are finalized after tryouts and teams are formed.

2016 / 2017 BINGO Information

What does Bingo Eligible mean?
The Missouri Gaming Commission oversees the rules of BINGO. By their rules in order to work BINGO as a floor worker, you must be 16 yrs old and be a member of the Sporting Columbia for a period of two years. This can include the current player or any sibling in their immediate family.

What does Bingo Ineligible mean?
If you have not been a member of the Sporting Columbia for two years then you must work in the concession stand at BINGO until you become eligible. You must be 12 yrs old to work in the concession stand. You are asked to bring one large homemade dessert for every slot assigned.

How do I know when I will work BINGO?
Sign up for BINGO is done online in our SignUpGenius program. Parents and players can choose the dates they are available to work on a first come first serve basis.

What is the BINGO policy if I have multiple children playing for the Club and I want to work my obligation?
1st player = 3 BINGO slots
2nd + players = 2 BINGO slots for each
Spots would be split between teams.
Example: a family with two players would work 3 for the first player and 2 for the second. The extra spot will always be assigned with the oldest player.

What if I don’t want to work BINGO?
If you do not want to work BINGO, you pay the fundraiser waiver fee of $300 for the first player; $200 for the second player; $100 for three plus players by the due date listed on the volunteer form.

What if I cannot work a spot I signed up for?
You can delete or trade your spot if it is more than a week in advance. If it is less than a week you are required to find a replacement worker by contacting your team manager for help. The list of volunteers is submitted the Monday prior to the scheduled date any changes after that are the parent / player responsibility.

Where is BINGO located?
BINGO is played most Saturday’s at the Cosmopolitan Club. The address is 1715 Burlington Columbia, MO 65202. Take Rangeline North, make right on Vandiver Street. Travel approximately 2 blocks and make a right on Burlington. The Cosmopolitan Club is the blue building on your right.

What time should I arrive?
All BINGO workers should arrive at 4:00 PM. Concession stand workers will be done around 8:30 PM. Floor workers will be done after the completion of BINGO, at the latest 10:00 PM.

What should I bring with me?
Concession workers should bring a large homemade dessert. (at least 24 servings) Cakes, brownies, pies, etc. make great items to sell.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For questions regarding volunteer Bingo hours please contact our Volunteer Coordinator. For contact information please visit our Board of Directors page.

Ready to sign up?
Eligible families please sign up here: Sign Up Now!                                              
Please note you will be taken to the SignUpGenius website.

Non-Eligible families please sign up here:
Sign Up Now!  
Please note you will be taken to the SignUpGenius website.

Click here to pay the BINGO Volunteer Waiver online. Please sign in using your oldest / only players Got Soccer username & password.

Waiver fee is $300 for the oldest / only player, $200 for the second, $100 for each additional player.

You may also pay the tournament volunteer waiver via this link - one per family $150.

*Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for questions regarding eligibility if you are uncertain. Contact information can be found our our Board of Directors page located under About Club.

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