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Sporting Columbia - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sporting Columbia?

Sporting Columbia is a not for profit organization

Sporting Columbia is a fully accredited member of the Federation of  International Football Association (FIFA), the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA).

Sporting Columbia is comprised of recreational league teams and competitive teams.

What is the mission of Sporting Columbia?

Sporting Columbia strives to teach, develop and promote soccer for all local area boys and girls.

What is the difference between competitive, academy and recreational soccer?

In recreational soccer you will learn the rules as well as skills pertaining to the game. The focus is on learning to play the game while having fun. Playing time is to be equally distributed among players

The Academy training program is currently U4 through U9 and is open to all area players. This training based program focuses on individual skills and is held on Monday nights at Pride Park.

The Youth Competitive program is currently U9 through U12 and is an alternative to the traditional recreational and select team programs. It offers the opportunity for the advanced development of young soccer players. This program participates in a competitive league and tournaments for boys and girls ages 9-12. Players participate and develop in a fun and rewarding competitive arena with emphasis on proper skills and training techniques.

In competitive soccer you will typically find a higher standard of play, more focus on development of both individual and team skills. Playing time is determined by the child's ability and at the coaches' discretion.

How does Sporting Columbia operate?

Sporting Columbia Executive Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President Recreational, Vice President Competitive, Secretary, Treasurer, Pride Park Manager, Recreational Coordinator, Registrar and Executive Director.  See Board of Directors.

Sporting Columbia recreational coaches are all volunteers, and typically are parents of players.

Sporting Columbia competitive coaches are paid to coach in most cases.

Sporting Columbia head coaches (Recreational & Competitive) are required to hold at least a Youth Coaching license through Missouri Youth Soccer Association.

Sporting Columbia head (recreational & competitive) and assistant coaches (competitive) are required to complete and pass a background check thru MYSA in Got Soccer.

Sporting Columbia competitive coaches are chosen by the Director(s) of Coaching and Executive Director and placed to an appropriate age division. Some are parents of players (U9-U14).

Sporting Columbia pays for all or some of the license training available for coaches thru MYSA.

Sporting Columbia covers a portion of travel expenses for non-parent competitive coaches.

Sporting Columbia board meets the 2nd Monday of each month and is open to all members. *Please check calendar for official General meeting dates.

Sporting Columbia is a self-supporting club, reliant upon player registration fees, tournament revenues, sponsorships and fundraisers.

 What time commitment is expected from the parents? (Recreational)

Some coaches will ask for parental help with snacks, calling players to notify them of practices and games, etc.

Recreational games are played on Saturdays and some weekday evenings at Cosmo Park.

What time commitment is expected from the parents? (Competitive)

Each team will need a manager. It is the manager’s responsibility to help collect and process all paperwork for the coaches and reserve hotel rooms for the team when traveling out of town. Managers are responsible for communication from the coach to the families regarding practices and game schedules, etc.

Each family will be required to work at our fall and spring tournaments. (1 ˝ hours per family)

Each family will be required to work approximately 24 fundraising volunteer hours at bingo per player per year.

What does the recreational registration fee cover?

Missouri Youth Soccer Registration and Liability insurance.

Fall & Spring league registration.

Game and referee fees

Game jersey.  (players should wear black shorts & socks)

Team equipment.


Licensed head coaches.

12-14 games per year.

Club Salaries

What does the competitive registration fee cover?

Missouri Youth Soccer Registration and Liability insurance

Team equipment

Licensed head coach and assistant coach

Practice apparel kits (2 jerseys & black shorts & ball)

Club salaries

Team Game Budget

Why does Sporting Columbia hold tryouts for competitive teams?

Tryouts are necessary to conform to MYSA's definition of a competitive program.

Sporting Columbia might not find a position on a team for every player who attends tryouts.

The number of teams formed in each age group will be based on the number of competitive players available.

When is training? (Recreational)

Your volunteer coach, generally a parent, will inform families of sessions.

Training for U4-U7 is for 25 minutes prior to the start of games. Scheduled game times are actually the start of practices. U8 teams may practice once a week for 90 minutes. U9+ teams may practice twice a week for 90 minutes each session.

When is training? (U9-U12 Competitive)

Training is 90 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday evenings with times TBD and will be announced before the season begins.

Training will be held at Pride Park or another approved location.

When is training? (U13+ Competitive)

Sporting Columbia Competitive teams will conduct two to three training sessions per week typically lasting 1-˝ hours each.

Training will be held at Pride Park or another approved location.

Sporting Columbia Recreational Registration Information (what you will need).

Sporting Columbia registration is online thru Got Soccer. A parent email address is required for registration.

Items that should be uploaded to your players Got Soccer account:

1. Birth Certificate

2. Photo – this should be a close up head shot used to print on your player card

Fees will be paid online at the time of registration.

Sporting Columbia Academy & Competitive Registration Information (what you will need)

Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) form – available one the forms page. Skip league name information section, the ID number is the state file number on the players birth certificate

Medical release – available on the forms page. As of April 14, 2011 these forms no longer need to be notarized.

Items that should be uploaded to your players Got Soccer account:

1. Birth Certificate (please provide a copy to your team manager as well)

2. Insurance Card info – both front & back (please provide a copy to your team manager as well)
3. Photo – this should be a close up head shot used to print on your player card

4. Medical release form (please provide a copy to your team manager as well)

Fees are scheduled to be paid online via the credit card on file used when registratering. 

How are cancellations determined?

Sporting Columbia rents fields at Cosmo Park for games. Game cancellations are determined by the Columbia Parks and Rec Department by taking into account the field conditions and players safety. The cancellation hotline number is (573) 874-7663, sign up to receive email notifications by following this link: http://www.gocolumbiamo.com/Web_Mail

Enter your cellular information in your players Got Soccer account to receive text message notifications.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive field updates for Pride Park.

Why do some ages play small sided games rather than 11v11?

Small sided games allow kids to develop technically and tactically by allowing for more touches on the ball on a smaller field. This greatly aids in the development of each player technically and tactically. Small sided games are recommended by U.S. Youth Soccer Association and most international soccer federations.

Does Sporting Columbia offer financial assistance?

Financial assistance is offered to qualifying members through our Shaun Long Scholarship Program. You can review the rules and print an application by following this link:


All recipients are kept confidential.

Rules are subject to change depending on sponsorships from area businesses.

For questions please contact the Executive Director

If I would like to make a donation or sponsor the club, who do I contact?

The  Executive Director

The Club currently offers sponsorship opportunities for 1. Financial assistance fund, 2. 50/50 Scholarships to our general fund, 3. Pride Park development fund, and 4. Donations to General Fund.


Who should I contact with more questions?

If a recreational team needs to reschedule a game or has questions regarding games, equipment, etc. who do I contact?

SC Recreational Coordinator at recsoccer at sportingcolumbia.net

If I want to volunteer to coach, or have questions regarding coaching, training, or other coaching concerns, who do I contact?

SC Vice President of Recreational Soccer at scscvprec at sportingcolumbia.net or SC Recreational Coordinator at recsoccer at sportingcolumbia.net

If I have questions that relate to the Academy program (U4-U9), who do I contact?

SC Camp & Clinic Director

If I have questions regarding the Competitive program (U13-U18), players or coaching, who do I contact?

SC Director of Competitive Coaching at sadkins at sportingcolumbia.net

If I have questions regarding registration information for Sporting Columbia programs, who do I contact?

SC Registrar at sarah at sportingcolumbia.net

If I have questions regarding recreational team placement, who do I contact?

SC Recreational Coordinator at recsoccer at sportingcolumbia.net

If you have questions regarding officiating, who do I contact?

Officials for both recreational, competitive league & tournaments are handled through the Central Missouri Referee Association. Please visit their website for more information. www.cmsra.info

What is the SCSC mailing address?

P.O. Box 7506
Columbia MO 65205

SCSC Recreational Soccer Rules


SCSC Academy & Competitive Volunteer Obligations

What are my Volunteer obligations when joining the Club?

Our mission of building soccer requires us to ask our parents to contribute between 20-30 hours of work to the club each year. Most hours are spent running Saturday night Bingo at the Cosmopolitan Club. Other hours are spent sorting uniforms, general up keep on Pride Park, & other team duties. We also ask that each family contribute 1 ˝ hours at each of our tournaments, one in the fall and one in the spring. All of this time helps us build a successful tournament and a stronger soccer community.

Why do we work Bingo as a fundraiser?

Bingo is a primary fundraising source of income for the Sporting Columbia. The proceeds from bingo pay for our facility costs, as well as contributing to many other operating costs. Instead of having to sell multiple fundraising products throughout the year you only have to work a maximum of 24 hours or 4 Bingo slots per year (Aug 1 to July 31).

What does Bingo Eligible mean?

The Missouri Gaming Commission oversees the rules of Bingo. By their rules in order to work Bingo as a floor worker, you must be 16 yrs old and be a member of the Sporting Columbia for a period of two years. This can include the current player or any sibling in their immediate family.

What does Bingo Ineligible mean?

If you have not been a member of the Columbia Soccer Club for two years then you must work in the concession stand at Bingo until you become eligible. You must be 13 yrs old to work in the concession stand. You are asked to bring one large homemade dessert for every slot assigned.

How do I know when I will work Bingo?

Sign up for BINGO is done online in our SignUpGenius program. Parents and players can choose the dates they are available to work on a first come first serve basis.

What is the Bingo policy if I have multiple children playing for the Club and I want to work my obligation?

1 player = 3 Bingo slots

2+ players = 2 Bingo slots for each

Bingos would be split between teams.

Example: a family with two players would work 3 for the first player and 2 for the second. The extra spot will always be assigned with the oldest player.

What if I don’t want to work BINGO?

If you do not want to work BINGO, you pay the fundraiser waiver fee of $300 at the beginning of the season. If you have multiple children playing with the Club and you want to buyout of all commitment then follow the schedule below:

First Child = $300

Second Child = $20

Third Child = $100

Fourth Child = $100, and so on

Where is BINGO located?

BINGO is played most Saturday’s at the Cosmopolitan Club. The address is 1715 Burlington Columbia, MO 65202. Take Rangeline North, make right on Vandiver Street. Travel approximately 2 blocks and make a right on Burlington. The Cosmopolitan Club is the blue building on your right.

What time should I arrive?

All BINGO workers should arrive at 4:00 PM. Concession stand workers will be done around 8:30 PM. Floor workers will be done after the completion of BINGO, at the latest 10:00 PM.

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