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50% - 50% Player Sponsorship

Welcome to the Columbia Soccer Club's 50/50 Sponsorship page.  A 50/50 Club sponsorship is a great way for our players, families, and businesses to help offset the cost of player fees and to help the Club meet its financial obligations of running a successful soccer club. 

We are a non-profit organization focused on providing a positive youth soccer experience for over 1500 players in Boone County.  Current 50/50 Sponsorships received will be applied towards immediate fees due to the Club and/or fees for the 2013-2014 seasonal year. 

50/50 Sponsorship Form  |  Current 50/50 Sponsors

What is a 50/50 Sponsorship?

A 50/50 Sponsorship is a Club sponsorship solicited by the Club's players or families.  50% of all sponsorship dollars are applied towards player fees to the Club.  The other 50% of the sponsorship goes towards the Club's general fund to help cover the costs of running the Club.*

What Do Sponsors Get?

  1. Name recognition on Club camp/clinic flyers and on tournament correspondence
  2. $100 or more- name recognition on Website sponsors page and Facebook page
  3. $250 or more- name recognition on Club practice jerseys.
  4. $500 or more- additional 3"x1" Website link on one of our pages.

Suggested Sponsorship Levels?

  1. $500 Gold Level Sponsor
  2. $250 Silver Level Sponsor
  3. $100 Bronze Level Sponsor
  4. Any other amount is appreciated and accepted

How to Get Started with 50/50 Sponsorships?

It's easy to participate in our 50/50 sponsorship program.  Simply print several copies of the 50/50 Sponsorship Form and hand them to business owners and people you know.  Go ahead an write your name on the bottom of the form under "Player Name".  Let potential sponsors know they are helping you offset your player fees and helping your favorite non-profit organization- The Sporting Columbia.

Sponsors should complete the form and mail it along with the sponsorship amount to:

Sporting Columbia SC


P.O. Box 7506

Columbia, MO  65205

Once we receive the sponsors' form, we will update our sponsors information and post a credit towards your Club account.

If you have questions about the 50/50 Sponsorship program please email Walt Capell.  Contact information can be found here.

50/50 Sponsorship Form  |  Current 50/50 Sponsors

*All 50/50 sponsorship funds received are applied towards the immediate fees due up until the end of the seasonal year for which the sponsorship is applicable.  Reimbursements are not given for any unused portions of sponsorship funds.

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