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Welcome to Sporting Columbia SC.  We live in a great community and we are happy to be a part of it.  We're a non-profit organization focused on providing a positive soccer experience to over 1500 players in Boone County.  We've been serving the area for over 37 years and counting.  Sporting Columbia SC operates one of the Midwest's premier recreational and competitive youth soccer programs.

At SSCSC, our sponsors matter.  Sponsors and donors help us deliver a better community experience for players and families.  Whether you want to make a small donation via PayPal, you want to sponsor your favorite player with our 50/50 Program, or you're interested in sponsoring the Club through one of our other sponsorship programs, our goal is to make the most of your donation and sponsorship dollars in the community.

Donations and sponsorships may be tax deductible.  Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities below:


Club Donations

The Club is always pleased to receive donations from members of our community.  Donations are applied to our general fund and used to help cover the costs associated with operating a successful soccer club.

50/50 Club Sponsorships

50/50 sponsorships are a great way to support your favorite player(s) and the Club at the same time.  50% of your sponsorship goes to the player's fees and 50% goes to the Club to help offset our costs.

» Learn more about 50/50 Sponsorships

Uniform Sponsorships

The Club appreciates our uniform sponsorships.  These sponsors will have their company name and logo printed on our Club uniforms.  Uniform sponsorships are separate for our Recreational, Academy, and Pride programs.  Pricing is subject to change depending on the antipcated cost of uniform production.  Contact the Club President for more information about Uniform Sponsorships.  See Board contacts.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance Sponsorships

The Club is currently looking for contributors interested in sponsoring a new Financial Assistance/Scholarship program.  As a Club, it's important to us to help all kids play soccer and develop life-long skills regardless of a families ability to pay.  The Club is seeking a $5,000 sponsorship or more and hopes to establish an endowment program with annual contributions for scholarships and financial assistance for Club families.  Scholarships and financial assistance applies to all Club programs including Recreational, Academy, and Pride.  Naming rights are available.

Pride Park Development Sponsorships

Pride Park is the Club's training facility located on the North side of Columbia off Highway 63.  We have recently added public restrooms and a new concession area to the Park.  We currently have lights on 2 of our 5 soccer fields and have over 40 acres of unused land that needs to be developed as the Club continues to grow.

The Club is currently looking for sign sponsors near the parking area of Pride Park.  Sponsorship signs will be installed above the fence area of the parking lot and sponsors can choose from a 4' x 4' sign or an 8' x 4' sign.  Current sponsorship levels for Pride Park signs are for a two-year time period:

4' x 4' Custom Vinyl Sign:

$1,200 / 2 years

8' x 4' Custom Vinyl Sign:

$2,000 / 2 years

*Term begins after sign installation.


Tailored Sponsorships

The Club is always open to creating new sponsorship programs that help us raise money and serve our Community better.  If you have an idea for a sponsorship or would like to discuss new or custom sponsorship opportunites with the Club please contact the Club President.  See Board contacts.

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Make a Donation to the Club:

Sponsorship Inquiries

If you have questions about Sporting Columbia sponsorships or would like more information about sponsor or donation opportunities please contact the Club President, Walt Capell.  See Board Contacts.


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